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Free Real Estate Printable

I strongly believe that the more organized a person is the more successful they are! I love calendars, planners and anything that will help me stay organized. Especially when I have multiple transactions in Escrow, prospect Buyers/Sellers and for my personal life! Staying organized as a Realtor can be tough so I am creating printables for myself and any Realtor who wants to be on this journey with me to stay organized and keep our transactions in check!

My first printable is for Prospect Buyers below you can get an idea of everything that it includes:

  • Client Information

  • Client Criteria

  • Last Contacted

Note: The picture on the right only shows half of what's available to you on the PDF.

I am only going to offer this for FREE for a short amount of time. Once you have used it please give me feedback so I can start uploading more!

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