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Why should you Own a Home in the White Mountains of Arizona?

Why should you live in the great White Mountains of Arizona? Read this article and you will be racing up here to buy a home!

The White Mountains is elevated at 7,200 ft and the highest point, Mount Baldy, is 11,421 ft elevation. The White Mountains is very different from the rest of Arizona, instead of desert the White Mountains is home to the largest Ponderosa Pine Tree forest in the world! I'm sure you thought all of Arizona was dry and without water, right? Wrong, the White Mountains has more than 34 lakes and reservoirs and over 320 miles of beautiful streams and rivers which consists of many different species of fish. The native Apache Trout, can only be found in our local waters. The White Mountains is quite the place for any outdoor enthusiasts! There are many different wildlife species to hunt, or just watch, including: world record elk, mule deer, whitetail coues deer (which are only located in AZ, NM and Mexico), marion turkey, mountain lions, coyotes, bobcats, black bear, as well as many other species.

For the individual who loves hiking, there are more than 180 miles of hiking trails within the region. Most trails were once old logging roads between eight and 16 miles in length and ranging in elevation from 6,500 feet to over 11,000 feet.

The White Mountains is also home to Sunrise Ski Resort which is located on the Fort Apache Indian Reservation. Sunrise has three different mountains; Sunrise, Apache and Cyclone. There are two high powered lifts and 8 regular speed lifts. The highest point out of the three mountains is the top of Apache which is 11,000 ft in elevation. The three mountains consist of 62 different runs. At the top of each mountain, there are beautiful panoramic views! During the summer Sunrise holds many events. You can ride the lift, hike the mountain, mountain bike, horseback riding, and tubing. During the July 4th weekend they hold an archery shoot as well as fireworks over Sunrise lake.

Why would anyone want to live anywhere else? The White Mountains has everything an individual could ask for in a home town! Come visit and experience what we have to offer... perhaps you will call the White Mountains home!

If you have any questions regarding the White Mountains or real estate please call Shelby at (928) 242-7628 or e-mail

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