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6 Ways To Sell Your Home Faster

Seller's get so excited and have high expectations when putting their home on the market thinking it's going to sell for full price within the first week! Because how could it not? It's your home and everyone should love it just as much as you do, right? Wrong, everyone has their own taste, likes and dislikes. Just like everyone has to love tacos but oddly, not everyone does! This Blog focuses on 6 ways to help your home sell faster by catching everyone's eye.....even if they don't like tacos.

1. Keeping your home clean & neat!

This is a no brainer but some still have a hard time figuring this one out. When your friends and family come over do you want them to see your dirty dishes, laundry and toothpaste spotted mirrors? I don't think so and potential Buyer's definitely don't want to see your messiness either! It's one thing to keep your home clean but also keeping it neat by de-cluttering counter tops, walls, bedrooms, etc. is also very important! So pick up your undies off the floor and maybe have a garage sale to de-clutter your house. Not to mention, you could make some extra money by selling your unwanted stuff!

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2. Curb Appeal

The first impression is always the most important. I've had clients who wouldn't get out of the vehicle to see a home because the home didn't have any curb appeal or the yard was too messy. This doesn't mean throw down $10k on landscaping, just by doing the following will help tremendously:

  • Raking the leaves

  • Mowing the grass

  • Weed eating

  • Maintaining bushes/trees

  • Clearing out any junk or clutter

  • Repairing any visible repairs to the outside of the home and fence

Most couples I show homes to, the husband will B-line it to the exterior looking for faults in the home and the wife usually wants to go inside right away. That being said, anything someone can notice with the naked eye about your home, for example: shingles missing from roof, broken chimney bricks, old paint, needing stained, rotten wood, earth to wood contact, etc. are all things that will raise alarm and should be addressed and fixed before putting your home up for sale.

3. Home Showing

Imagine yourself walking into your dream home. How do you feel? Do you feel invited, warm and cozy? Most Buyer's who walk into your home want to feel at home (remember, first impression is most important). To make your home feel more homey and to really stand out, before each showing do the following:

  • Open blinds

  • Turn on EVERY light, even lamps!

  • Have a welcome note

  • Water bottles

  • Snacks

  • Make a fire in your fireplace (as long as you're home right after the showing)

  • Light a candle or put something out that smell good.

Your main goal is to make a good impression and make sure they remember your home. Odds are, they will look at 15+ homes before making a decision and half of them they wont remember. "Honey, remember that home with those delicious cookies? We should look at that again" Anything that makes a good impression is good for you and it'll always be in the back, or the front, of their minds!

4. Staging

Buyers can sometimes be distracted by Sellers furniture and decor; not everyone has the capability of imagining their own furniture when distracted by your "jungle themed" bedroom. Keeping it simple with neutral colors and matching furniture is the best way to go. If you can, go for today's trends like shabby chic for example, this will not only draw Buyers from the online pictures but it will make your home more appealing.

5. Do Not Be Present During Showings

When Buyer's go to your home they want to be able to walk around, make open comments and feel comfortable. When the seller is following them everywhere and drilling them with comments it makes the Buyer feel uncomfortable and actually want to leave sooner. This has happened at every home that I've shown where the Seller's are present; this is a personal time for the Buyer and their Realtor. If the Buyer has any questions about your home that their Realtor cannot answer they will contact the Listing Agent. So there is really no point for a Seller to be present during showings. Here's a few things you can do while your house is being shown:

  • Take a walk

  • Go shopping

  • Run errands

  • Take a drive

  • Go to friend/family's house

  • Go to a movie

  • Go out to breakfast/lunch/dinner

  • Go workout

  • Take your vehicle to the car wash

6. Price Your Home Right

Trust your Realtor! This is what they went to school for, this is their career and they have seen almost every home in your market. By not trusting them when they tell you what your home will sell for is crazy! Pricing and selling your home is strictly business; just because you've had amazing memories in that house doesn't mean it adds value. If you have put $200,000 into your home, and try selling it for $350,000 but all of the homes in your neighborhood are selling for $250,000, odds are you will not get any showings and your home will not sell. Home Buyer's don't want to go through a process of buying a home only for it not to appraise! You're not the only one who wants to sell your home, your Realtor wants to sell your home too! Just like you, they lose money and their time when your home sits on the market. So trust your agent and your home should sell faster!

The most important factor in selling your home is, TRUST YOUR REALTOR. It will make the selling process for you and your Realtor so much easier. If you have any questions regarding Real Estate or need assistance in selling your home click here or email me at I hope this blog has given you some good ideas on how to sell your home faster!

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